Due to Covid-19, we are taking precautions to protect our clients by following recommended protocol

Kitty Care

Heading out of town or staying late at work?  We will come to your home and make sure your pet is safe, secure, fed and watered.  We specialize in providing exceptional Kitty Care for all kitty personalities and in the comfort of your home.  Your cat will be cozy and less stressed than if taken outside the home to an unfamiliar place for boarding.  Our services are customized to suit the individual needs of your cat and maintain it’s routine.

  • Feed
  • Engage in one-on-one attention with play, lots of cuddles and brushing
  • Clean water bowl and fresh water
  • Scoop litter box and discard waste where directed
  • Monitor kitty litter for any changes or concerns
  • Conduct home walk through every visit to check for accidents or damage
  • Water plants
  • Bring in mail, packages and newspapers
  • Take garbage cans to the street and back
  • Rotate lights for security
  • Send updates and photos from each visit

We require a minimum of one daily visit.  Prices are for up to two cats.

  • 30 Minute Visit – $20.00
  • 60 Minute Visit – $30.00
  • Additional cat over two is $5.00


  • Morning
  • Mid-Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Mid-Afternoon